Destroy Your Box, Realize Your Dream!

Vision boards are a lot of fun. We get together, and we get our crafts and our snacks and get to cutting things out. However, if we can be real for a moment, let’s be clear,  it’s not sticking the pictures to the board that makes the vision come to pass…that’s just a very small part of the journey to realizing that thing.

There are 3 things you must do before you can even begin your journey towards your vision

  1. Dream up the big picture: There is the life you allow to form around you as a result of circumstances, happenstance and outside influences and then there’s your “Right Life”. Your right life is when you’re living at the intersection of purpose, passion and prosperity. It is when you are doing what you were literally created to do, in a way you enjoy doing it and it is creating prosperity in your life. It’s when what you’re doing and how you decide to do it, creates meaning, wealth and overall success in your life. You’ve got to have the courage to dream up the big picture. The picture that’s in YOUR heart. Not the one your mom always wanted for you, not the one all your friends said they liked, not the one that was left after you tried once and failed. If you have no big picture, you’re really going to struggle to create a vision board that means something. Your vision board is supposed to serve as a sort of picture map or plan for your future. What’s the big picture?
  1. Decide that it’s all possible: Did you know that you won’t do what you don’t believe? Sometimes we allow ourselves to get inspired. We start clipping all sorts of things and sticking them to our vision boards. Inspiration is great, but if you don’t DECIDE that you can actually DO what you are inspired to do…then you won’t do them. Action does not exist unless belief is present. Faith without works is dead…no faith, you won’t do the work. If you don’t believe, you won’t commit! If you don’t commit, you won’t write down any plans or action steps that coincide with the map. There’s the picture of the cake on the box, and then there’s the ingredients and instructions. Each integral parts of the process if you want the correct finished product. But if you always tell yourself you can’t bake, you won’t. You have to make the decision that it’s all possible.In the midst of our dreaming and deciding and living, something happens over the course of our lives. Be it through a failed relationship, the loss of a loved one, an embarrassing moment, a poor mark on a test, a pink slip, fear of the unknown, low self-esteem, rejection,  failed expectations, feeling unqualified…we find ourselves in a cozy, self-made, box. We allow our experiences and what we take away from them to tell us who we are and what we are capable of!
  2. Destroy the box you’ve been living in! Can you honestly say you are living the life of your dreams? Can you say that you  are genuinely happy with your life as it is right now? As humans, contentment is not a natural place for us, we always want more! The path to your right life is outside of the box. It’s your decision to take action that will make the vision real!

Happy Unboxing!

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Phil Steward is the publisher of Max Ads Magazine and the owner of Anointed Advertising, LLC.

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