New Artist Spotlight: Donjia Wilson

Donjia Wilson
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Q&A Session with a Music Powerhouse

Max Ads: Who are some of your influences musically?

Donjia: Well I love Kim Walker, Kari Jobe, Jonathan McReynolds, The Walls Group. I love a group called the Celtic Woman (they are amazing), also jazz music and I listen to at of indie artist. I love music overall but christian music is my favorite.

Max Ads: Do you write all your own work or do you collaborate with a team?

Donjia: For the EP “Evolution Of Redemption” all the songs were given to me by God. And I have a whole book full of song I have written, because I love written. But for the full album i am working on soon I plan on collaborating with some other artist as well as having features on the project.

Max Ads: What is the message you want to share with your music?

Donjia: Real desire is to share the message of Yeshua, his redemption and how He truly loves without borders. Also creating music that not only sounds good but feels good.

Max Ads: Do you have goals for 2017 for your career?

Donjia: Continue to do the work Jehovah has for me. Planning a promotional tour, working on music videos, start and finish next album, and just staying focused.

Max Ads: Do you sing & play an instrument?

Donjia: Well of course I sing lol but I do not play a instrument. I want to learn how to play several instruments including piano, bass guitar, lead guitar, and one instrument that’s not common to play lol.

Max Ads: Are you involved in a local church? If so, in what role?

Donjia: Yes I am very involved. My church is Chosen Generations Ministries in Newark Nj where I am the head youth leader, praise and worship leader, praise dancers, and minister in training.

Max Ads: How can your fans interact with you and show their support?

Donjia: I enjoy connecting with those who love good music – follow me on social media!

Facebook: Donjia’s Redemption Music Instagram: @drmlyfe Twitter: @drmlyfe Youtube: DonjiaSings Snapchat: drmlyfe

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